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Learning Objectives

In this 2.5hr Masterclass, Tania and Sarah will teach you the following:

  1. What Shoulder Instability is and why it underpins most insidious onset shoulder pain complaints
  2. Classifications of Shoulder Instability
  3. The subjective assessment of a patient presenting with shoulder pain
  4. The objective assessment of a patient with shoulder pain
  5. Evidence based rehabilitation for Shoulder Instability
  6. 5 clinical pearls from Tania and Sarah on the management of Shoulder instability and pain
  7. Graded Motor Imagery for persistent Shoulder pain

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Clinical Assessment

According to Tania and Sarah, a young patient presenting with shoulder pain (with no significant trauma), you should suspect Shoulder Instability, until proven otherwise. Tania and Sarah will teach you how to assess the patient presenting with shoulder pain

Early - Mid Stage Rehab

Learn how to lay down a really good base of control and capacity of the scapula muscles and rotator cuff in helping you manage the patient/athlete with Shoulder Instability better

Late Stage Rehab

Tania and Sarah will also teach you how to progress your patients/athletes rehab thorugh the late stages as they work back to high demand activities

Dr. Tania Pizzari

PhD | B.Physio (Hon.)

Tania graduated from La Trobe University with honours in 1997 and with a PhD in 2002. 

Tania lectures and conducts research in the Department of Physiotherapy at La Trobe University. She regularly conducts lectures and practical sessions for the Australian Physiotherapy Association on shoulder, knee and hamstring injuries and is a member of the Shoulder and Elbow Physiotherapists of Australasia. She is a regular speaker at National and International Sports Medicine conferences.

Dr. Sarah Warby

PhD | B.Physio (Hon.)

Sarah Warby is a shoulder physiotherapist with the Melbourne Shoulder Group. The Melbourne Shoulder Group specialises in the assessment and treatment of shoulder conditions and includes Lyn Watson, Simon Balster, Ross Lenssen , Kat Davis, Daniel Vernon and Tania Pizzari. Sarah has a keen interest in treating all types of shoulder injuries, but especially rehabilitation for shoulder instability. 

Sarah’s PhD investigated the effect of two different rehabilitation programs for patients with multidirectional instability of the shoulder (MDI). This research is a world first and found that a scapular specific and overhead rehabilitation program ( The Watson MDI Program) was significantly better than the standard rehabilitation for MDI in the literature. This research won the ASICS sports medal at the 2016 Sports Medicine Australia conference.