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Q: How do I register for CPD?

A: The time you spend watching a Masterclass, viewing a Practical and completing a quiz can be documented as CPD (Continuing Professional Development) hours.

As a general rule:

  • Masterclasses - Each Masterclass is approved for 2-3 Continuing Education points/hours, based on duration.
  • Practicals - Each Practical is approved for 1 Continuing Education point/hour.

Upon completion of Masterclasses you will take a short multiple choice and true/false exam. Once you successful complete the exam, a certificate will be emailed to you, which can be kept in a CPD portfolio for your records.

Q: Which countries are Learn.Physio Masterclasses and Practicals continuing education approved in?

Our content is eligible for CPD/CEU points/hours in several countries including Australia, UK, USA (excluding Columbia, Louisiana, Maryland, Minnesota, New Jersey, Ohio, Texas, and West Virginia - for more information, refer to the details below), Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, Austria, South Africa, and more.

In the USA, our content is approved for CEUs in all states except Columbia, Louisiana, Maryland, Minnesota, New Jersey, Ohio, Texas, and West Virginia. Residents from these states can follow the guidance provided HERE to seek individual approval for our content. Please let us know if you require any more information to facilitate this process.

Q: How do I purchase a Masterclass?

A: Sign up for an account and enroll into a class.

Q: Can I use the email I have with the Learn.Physio Journal Club to purchase courses?

A: Yes, all sign-ups to the Learn.Physio Journal Club will be sent an email to become a user on this website. This is so you can view previous episodes of our live webinars.

Q: I was a user on the old Learn.Physio website. How do I watch my purchased Masterclasses?

A: There should be a link sent to your email to become a user on our new website. Once you create your password, you will be automatically enrolled into your already paid for Masterclass.

Please contact our team as soon as possible if you cannot find this email.

Q: How do I watch the Insights Interviews or read previous Learn.Physio Research Reviews.

A: In our Journal Club page you will be able to access all the previous interviews and research reviews. However we recommend still joining the Learn.Physio Journal Club so you can receive updates about when our content goes live and receive invites to LIVE viewings of our Insights Interviews

Q: How do I join the Learn.Physio Journal Club?

A: When you sign up as a user on our website you will have a checkbox option to join the Learn Physio Journal Club as well.

If you did not check this box initially, and would like the join, go to your profile and check the box.

Q: Why is it asking me to become a user on the website when I register for Learn Physio Journal Club?

A: If you are not a user on our website, registering for the Learn Physio Journal Club will also register you as a user on this website. Simply create a password, verify your email and that's it.

We highly recommend you complete this step to maximise your Journal Club membership. Invites and interactions with Insight Interview guests and live online episodes will only be made available to Journal Club Members.

Q: Can I download the Masterclass?

A: No you cannot however you can watch the Masterclass on your device anytime anywhere

Q: Are there different payment methods available for course purchases?

Yes we currently have either an upfront payment of $99 USD or 5 part payments of $19.80 USD.

To select the 5 part payments option on our course page, scroll down and select the option for part payments.