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Learning Objectives

The ACL Rehabilitation Masterclass

  1. The importance of the prehab phase and how to execute it
  2. The different types of ACLR surgeries, graft choices, and concomitant knee injuries and the implications that they have on rehabilitation
  3. Obtain a deeper understanding of criterion based rehabilitation in ACL injuries.
  4. Understand the framework used in ACLR return to sport and discharge criteria
  5. Learn how you can reduce the risk of ACL re-injury and how you can create your own program

Non-Operative ACL Masterclass

  1. ACL Injury reduction and how to create an injury reduction program
  2. A deep breakdown into the implications of the evidence and research behind ACL rehabilitation and non-operative management
  3. Mick and Randall's viewpoint on how to rehabilitate non-operative ACL injuries
  4. Implications of ACL injuries and management on the development of osteoarthritis

Adolescent Knee Masterclass

  1. Understand the differences between adolescent and paediatric knee injuries compared to adults
  2. Develop a sound understanding of the subjective and clinical knee assessment of the adolescent and paediatric patient 
  3. Observe and understand the different pathologies of the knee in the adolescent and paediatric patient
  4. Assessment and treatment strategies of Osgood Schlatters and PFJ painEpidemiology, assessment and treatment options for adolescent and paediatric ACL injuries