Episode 4

One of the most controversial topics we have discussed within the orthopaedic world involves whether the ACL can or cannot heal and the protocols that currently exist to facilitate this.

Dr Louise Tulloh & Dr Tim Musgrove are two distinguished professionals in the field of sports & orthopaedic medicine. A chance to interact with professionals with such well versed experiences and knowledge in sports medicine is extremely rare.

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Episode 3

Psychological readiness is something that is often talked about but rarely are we given guidance on. Learn the athlete's perspective in rehab and return to sport, and better understand how to manage ACL injuries

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Episode 2

Join us live and meet the authors of the ''Bible'' of Sports Medicine, Peter Brukner & Karim Khan

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Episode 1

Leading researcher Dr Kate Webster joins world renowned surgeon Dr Julian Feller join us to discuss improving ACL rehab and reducing re-ruptures

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