Learn.Physio Insights

Season 1

Episode 6: Aussies Down Under #2

Our second iteration of Aussies Down Under feature 2 physiotherapists who have made their mark in professional sport.

Learn how they found their way into their respective Australian Teams.

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Webinar with physio expert Mick Hughes, Cam Dyer, and Mel Hobberfield.
Webinar with the best in the physiotherapy industry, including Mick Hughes, Alicia Tang, and Callum Pepper.

Episode 5: Aussie Physios in UK Football

Home to one of the most competitive football/soccer leagues in the world, listen to how Alicia Tang and Callum Repper found their way into professional football.

Learn how if working in the UK to work in football is the path for you

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Episode 4: Specialist Sports Physiotherapists

There are ~41 Specialist Sports Physiotherapists in Australia. Join us live and learn if specialising in sports is the right path for you

We will aim to cover the most popular questions surrounding specialisation, including topics of job prospects, advantages, the process itself and much more.

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Webinar with world-renowned physiotherapists including Mick Hughes, Leanne rath, and Tim Oostenbroek to discuss topics involving ACL rehabilitation, ACL injury prevention, and ACL recovery.
Webinar with Senior Physiotherapists around the world, with Mick Hughes, Andrew Small, and Scott Easley.

Episode 3: Aussies in the NBA

Andrew Small - Senior Physiotherapist for the Milwaukee Bucks and Scott Epsley - Head of Medical for the Philadelphia 76ers.

Join Mick as he talks to Andrew and Scott about their journey towards the NBA, their experiences working in that environment and their best pieces of advice.

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Episode 2: Aussies Down Under

Watch Matt and Jaclyn talk about how they made their mark in professional soccer, and much more

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Webinar with Mick Hughes, Matt Whalan, and Jaclyn Benz, who are world renowned physiotherapists specialising in soccer injury prevention.
Learn.physio webinar series involving Mick Hughes, Michale Gaikoumis, and Kara Murphy who share their experiences in professional sports in the UK.

Episode 1 - Aussies in the UK

Watch Michael and Kara talk about their experiences in professional sport in the UK. Listen to their advice for working in the UK, managing relationships and sport and their tips for return to sport and performance

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