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Hamstring strains are one of the most common sport injuries you will see.

Learn assessment, rehabilitation and injury prevention with Dr Peter Brukner & Dr Ryan Timmins

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Learning Objectives

  1. Diagnosis and grading of different hamstring injuries
  2. Differential diagnosis of posterior thigh pain and how to rule in or rule out
  3. How to conduct a thorough assessment of the hamstring with Dr Peter Brukner
  4. Key exercises and rehabilitation concepts and how to best incorporate them
  5. Management of the dreaded intramuscular tendon injury
  6. Concepts and strategies on hamstring injury prevention and what you can do

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Diagnosis & Assessment

Diagnosis & Assessment

Posterior thigh pain can involve several other structures. Learn how to assess and differentially diagnose these with Dr Peter Brukner

Injury Prevention

Injury Prevention

Hamstring strains have one of the highest re-injury rates. Learn strategies and concepts you can incorporate into your clinical practice



Having completed his PhD in hamstring injuries and rehabilitation and worked in professional teams Dr Ryan Timmins will guide you on how to rehabilitate hamstring injuries

Dr Peter Brukner

MBBS | DSc (honoris causa)

Co-author of what's considered the bible of sports medicine, Brukner & Khan Clinical Sports Medicine Injuries we're excited to have Peter onboard.

Having served two terms as president of the Australasian College of Sports Physicians and worked in numerous professional sporting codes such as Liverpool FC (English Premier League), Melbourne and Collingwood (AFL), Peter brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in managing and assessing hamstrings.

Dr Ryan Timmins

BAppSc (Honours) | PhD

Ryan brings a mix of experience and academia, having co-authoring some of the most impactful hamstring literature and worked within professional sport.

Having completed his PhD in hamstring injuries Ryan has done a lot in advancing our understanding of the anatomy and rehabilitation behind hamstring injuries. Today, we're excited to share Ryan's valuable experience and knowledge in hamstring rehabilitation and injury prevention.