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Issue #15 - Adolescent Knee Pain

Our final research review done on the adolescent knee. We cover Osgoods Schlatters and guidelines to follow for adolescents with ACL injuries.

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Issue #14 - Improving ACL Rehab

Mick Hughes, goes over some important concepts to keep in mind during ACL rehab. Stay up to date with some recent literature found in the recent 2 years in ACL rehab

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Issue #13 - Classifying Hamstring Injuries

Still classifying hamstring injuries as grade 1, 2 or 3? Mick goes through the British Athletics Muscle Injury Classification system in this review. Stay up to date with the latest hamstring literature in this research review

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Issue #12 - Reducing Hamstring Injuries

An elite sport team reducing their hamstring injuries 3 fold? ACL ruptures healing? Read it all in our latest research review

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Issue #11 - Can the ACL Heal?

A topic filled with controversy, Mick Hughes takes you through the research and implications behind this. We also dive into some interesting literature about the effect of Nordics & Copenhagens on dynamic balance.

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Issue #10 - Femoroacetabular Impingement

A very clinically relevant research review looking at the efficacy of pre-operative strengthening before hip surgery and possible screening tools we can use for FAI in sports where hip movement is prevalent

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Issue #9 - Groin Rehab and Injury Reduction

Groin injuries plague the world of sport and can be quite difficult to manage. Learn the research behind the rehabilitation for groin injuries

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Issue #8 - Mid Portion Achilles Tendon Pain

We know that the calf complex is weaker in the side with achilles tendinopathy. Is it the soleus muscle or the gastrocnemius that contributes to this weakness?

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Issue #7 - The Foot and The Achilles Tendon

Isometric, eccentric and concentric! There are lots of varying opinions on what to do first and when to do them. Read this research review to get more clarity!

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Issue #6 - Hop Tests & Quad Strength

Don't have $$ for an isokinetic machine to test quad strength? Maybe you can use hop tests as a substitute.

Let's see what the research says about using hop tests as an alternative to test quad strength.

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Issue #5 - BFR Training in ACL Rehab

BFR training, otherwise known as occlusion training involves reducing venous return of the muscles trained whilst maintaining arterial flow.

Learn how to best incorporate this in your ACL rehab here

Issue #4 - ACL Open Chain Exercises and Osteoarthritis

Open chain knee exercises are frequently debated but despite people knowing that they can be safe, not many people know when they are safe or why you should even do them.

Read Mick's Breakdown of how to safely incorporate open chain knee exercises in ACL Rehab

Issue #3 - Patellar Tendinopathy and Exploring Plyometrics

Have you heard of the patellar tendinopathy study where they only used one exercise to produce a ~50% difference in pain? What about the study where they used one exercise 5min/day 3x/week to significantly improve running time, jump height and plyometric ability?

Read Mick's Breakdown of the above studies here

Issue #2 - Applying Injury Prevention Principles

When do you adjust training because of a ''niggle''? How do you best ensure compliance with your injury prevention warm ups?

Read Mick's thoughts and strategies on this topic

Issue #1 - ACL Injury Prevention

Learn from Mick's review of the literature on injury prevention in ACL injury prevention and late stage ACL Rehab assessments.

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