Training Loads Masterclass by Dr Tim Gabbett


Join Dr Tim Gabbett and Sports Physiotherapist Mick Hughes for a 2 hour discussion on Training Loads and Load Management. In this 2 hour Masterclass, Tim and Mick discuss the current literature on Training Loads and how best to get a higher level of performance out of your athletes and patients, and also reduce the risk of injury and subsequent injury.

Learning objectives:

1. Understand Sackett’s hierarchy of evidence and the difference between empirical evidence and opinion
2. Understand how load, load-capacity, and health interact to impact performance
3. Understand how training load and physical qualities interact to impact injury risk
4. Understand how acute and chronic loads can be manipulated to progressively overload athletes
5. Understand how moderators influence the relationship between load and injury
6. Understand the different methods of calculating chronic load and the acute:chronic workload ratio, and the implications of each method


  • Anna T

    A great Masterclass by Tim and Mick. It was very thorough with lots information and examples. Highly recommended for anyone who is interested in higher performance for their athletes and/ patients.

  • Daniel Gilham

    Thanks for the Masterclass Tim and Mick some great content and insights. Would really appreciate a reference list and either a acute:chronic workload ratio calculation demonstration and/or some calculators for clinical ease of use.

  • Kathleen Ryan

    Highly recommend the Training Loads Masterclass. Lots of fantastic information, evidence and clinical examples. Thanks Tim and Mick!

  • Luke Theakston

    Mick and Tim have provided an excellent overview for all those connected with Performance, to ultimately achieve a higher level of performance out of your athletes and patients. Therefore, whether you work with the general population or elite athletes, I would certainly recommend this Masterclass.

  • Daniel Yazbek

    Very comprehensive course that outlines the latest research in load monitoring and how ACWR should be used with caution, but overall a good indicator for recovery/preparedness.

  • Jason Tremblay

    This was a helpful resource and I'm pleased with my investment.

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