ACL Injury & Rehabilitation Masterclass


Australian Sports Physiotherapists Mick Hughes and Randall Cooper share with you the current ACL Reconstruction rehabilitation evidence, utilising their own clinical experience to help you with your ACLR patients or own recovery.

At the end of this 2.5 hour clinically-relevant ACL Masterclass, you will:
1) Understand of the role of pre-op physiotherapy to improve post-op outcomes
2) Understand the different types of ACLR surgeries, the different types of graft choices, and concomitant knee injuries and the implications that they may have on rehabilitation
3) Understand ACLR rehab goals throughout the entire rehabilitation; including outcome measures and exercise selection at different stages of rehabilitation
4) Understand the ACLR return to sport assessment and discharge criteria
5) Understand how to reduce the risk of ACL re-injury (both ACL graft and contra-lateral ACL)

Once you purchase the class, you can watch it as many times as you like, wherever and whenever you like (with an Internet connection). Improve your knowledge with Mick and Randall today!


  • Randy Cooper


  • Zachary Park

    Great content but the video stream would frequently get patchy or it would stop completely requiring a refresh.